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I like to find a variety of products to choose from when I shop. For instance, if I am looking for a simple long sleeved, dark colored t-shirt, it is a pleasure to come upon a number of dark toned t-shirts – black, yes, but maybe a green, a blue and a burgundy to choose from also. Not to mention both crew neck and v-neck versions. The selection gives me the opportunity to compare, consider my needs, and make a choice that feels right, rather than simply settle for something that is available. In fact, I may buy more than the one color and style if I come across the right products.

Then again, if I am shopping for a toaster and there is only one product line offered, let alone only one on the shelf, more likely than not I will leave without making a purchase. I want to compare the selections and choose what will best suit my needs.

Simple shopping behaviors like these constitute one of the foundation blocks of HomePersonalizer™. New homes are considered as products made up of products, and products within products. Each component, from the models themselves, to the accessories available for one of the range selections in the kitchen, is a product with information that shoppers and buyers want to investigate before and during the process of making the big decision of buying a new home.

It is exciting for builders to have a way to present such important information on the web. Shoppers can “walk through” a model on the website – at their own convenience, as often as they want, and discover all of the features, selections and details that are available – and make and save their selections. There is really no limitation to what the builder can offer, or to the product engagement shoppers can experience, as well as the satisfaction they realize as they personalize a model.

With HomePersonalizer™ shoppers are more informed and confident when they visit the standing models, and that much closer to a purchasing decision when they visit with sales staff there.

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