New Home Shoppers at Disadvantage Says Startup Founder

Feb.22, 2013, under Blogs, News

“People shopping for a new home can’t find out much about what comes with that home before they agree to a sales commitment,” says Roger Kovack, the founder of HomePersonalizer™.“Even though most new home shoppers head to the web first when they get interested in looking for a new home, they still can’t get to the information they really want.”

“The problem,” he continues “is that new home builders’ websites don’t have much in the way of detailed information about the standard features in their homes, let alone what options and upgrades are available. And there is no information about what selections are available for a specific house under construction, either.”

This situation isn’t intentionally caused by home builders. They simply do not have any convenient way to communicate all of the detailed information about a home to the public through their websites.

On top of that, the demand from consumers in general for more and better detailed information has grown dramatically during the past five years while new home building was largely shut down by the global economic recession that started in 2007.

The economic cycle is only part of this story, Kovack says. Another even larger problem that builders face is finding an effective and easy way to deliver detailed information about the volume of actual items within any home. He says that a typical home may include 1,200 different features and option choices.

“Far too many items to place on one scrolling web page,” he says, “but almost all builder websites are designed with, at the most, one page per new home model.”

“The problem has been how to organize and manage such a massive amount of information so it can be navigated through easily,” said Kovack. “That, and the builder needs to have an easy way to create and edit the data or the staff won’t use it.”

“HomePersonalizer™ solves these problems for new home shoppers and home builders alike,” he says. “We wanted a way for builders to be both transparent about what exactly they are selling and get their detailed information onto their websites. Home shoppers, who are also web users, are demanding more information about everything. This is especially true for the single largest purchase that consumers make.

Shoppers benefit from the convenience of having the information they want literally at their fingertips, at their own computer. And builders benefit from more interest in their homes via the web, increased options sales because of access to information, and, consequently, homes selling faster.

Mr. Kovack is the founder and principal software developer at He brings a legacy of production home building from his family along with his 35 years of professional software development. The startup is located in Northern California’s Sonoma County.

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