Prospects Go to Web, Avoid Models

 How Ned and Nora Kick the Home Shopping Blues

“Want to go look at these models?” Nora asked. They were parked in front of the third sales office of their day.

“And go through another sales office? Nope.”

Ned was staring straight ahead, with the wheel clenched in both hands. He had parked across the street to keep a safe distance from the black wrought iron fence that surrounded the models.

“We need a break.” Nora touched his right hand. “First Starbucks we find?”


“What are you into now?” Ned sloshed the lattes onto the table as Nora pecked at her computer.

“It’s great, it’s as if I walked into the kitchen and could see all of the possibilities. That last house we were in? I clicked into the kitchen on the builder’s website.”

With one hand still on the mouse she pulled Ned’s chair close. “You really have to see this.” He sat down next to her shoulder to shoulder.

“We can get a Wolf range instead of the GE that was in the model and the Wolf has accessories, too.”

“What about that square edge on the granite counter top I hated. And, what do you mean you’re in the kitchen?”

Nora clicked into the counters. “Looks like you can choose the edge you want. This ogee is nice.”

Ned took over. He clicked into the island. “This is cool. Do you want the beverage cooler or the wine chiller? Hey, Nora.” He brushed a wisp of hair from her cheek.

“Wine chiller, right?”

“Ned,” Nora smiled, “I like this model. Let’s go back and chat with the Sales Rep?”

They picked up their lattes and toasted the screen.

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Where it lives, who wants it and why.

The Basics

Room by room walk through with option selections at the same time.

How It Works

Shoppers and buyers can explore what you offer in your models room by room on your website.

Designing Products

Turn any feature into a new option product.

Housewide Packages

Housewide options of any kind spread with one-click selection convenience for shoppers.


Offer your own designer themes of materials, products and colors right on the web.

Buyers, Shoppers, Models and Lots

Whats the difference between shoppers and buyers – and what happened to lots?

Operations Management

Manage and build semi-custom homes easily and efficiently.

New Home Marketing

Shoppers Avoid Models

They were parked in front of the third sales office of their day and frustration was mounting.

Products on the Shelf

Create new options products quickly at minimal cost. The more people see, the more they buy.

Product Engagement

Engage home shoppers through exploration and personalization at the same time.

Marketing and Web Engagement

Effective marketing of production new homes on the web



Bringing new home features/options to the modern web.

The Team

Technology expertise working hand in hand with proven production building experience.

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