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Roger Kovack – Founder

Roger Kovack, the developer of Home Personalizer™, has over 35 years of professional software development experience. He has consulted to major corporations in banking, internet and manufacturing planning.

He previously engaged his expertise in business process engineering as a consultant to Bank of America and Wells Fargo in their consumer banking marketing operations at the corporate level.

In web development, Mr. Kovack has designed software and requirements for search engine marketing and website shadowing including

He also has experience designing software for major B2B supply chain operations, remote and server systems for nation-wide purchasing databases and operations.

Organization experience includes the highly politicized environments found in medical equipment research in the University of California where he served as a Senior Development Engineer.

The concept and development of Home Personalizer™ came from a life long interest and experience with production new home building through his family business in Southern California.

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