Marketing and Web Engagement Cycle

Effective New Home Marketing on the Web

The web can be used more effectively to market production new homes by engaging users with new home products directly on the builder’s website. The engagement becomes most effective when users are presented with the familiar web engagement cycle and useful, detailed, captivating product information. When this engagement is not presented, users often become disappointed and leave the website with little or no knowledge about the builder’s products, and with nothing to follow through on.

Builder’s products are more than just the house for sale. They can be broken out into the models, rooms, features, and personalization options, which can break out into yet more ‘products.’ Web shoppers want to know about these products when they land on a builder’s new home website.

Interactive Engagement Cycle on the Web

Web Users are Home Buyer Prospects

The interaction and information presentation of any website is somewhat like a treasure hunt that involves a cycle of exploration, discovery, learning and decision making. Presented well, there is breadth and depth to the experience. Once a decision is made, the cycle is repeated if the website purpose and software supports this action.

Amazon is an example of this product engagement cycle. Products are explored through search, then information about those products is discovered. The user learns from that information, reads editorial reviews, scrolls through a number of reader reviews, and maybe clicks into comments on these reviews. They may decide to buy the product, or they may save it on their Wish List. They may click through the list of products that others have purchased along with this item and investigate those more fully. The software continues to encourage another click or engagement along the way and so on.

Social media such as LinkedIn also uses the web engagement cycle. Users explore connections, then discover and learn about the current profile’s connections and professional groups. From there the user might decide to explore other connections, or groups, or discussions and the engagement cycle repeats. This type of engagement cycle becomes second nature, as the most casual web user eventually realizes.

Home Builder Websites

Few home builders offer their new home products through this engagement cycle. The choice to keep clicking on more and more product information does not exist so the decisions left to the user cannot be based on information about the builder’s products themselves. If the lack of engaging product information or the lack of interactions causes the web user to leave the website dissatisfied, that user may become a lost home buyer prospect.

The end result of this situation is that new home shoppers who are very accustomed to the engagement cycle on other websites have little detailed product information to go on when it comes to deciding what to do about a new home on a builder’s website. The lack of the engagement cycle leaves the new home shopper unfulfilled and the lack of rich product information leaves them disappointed. This double hindrance impedes the decision to visit the standing model.

The Home Personalizer™ Solution

A solution for this problem of losing prospects has been developed specifically for marketing production new homes. Home buyer prospects can use the familiar product engagement cycle in models, rooms, features and personalization selections immediately upon clicking into a model on the builder’s website. After exploring the model and unlimited detail about everything in it, and also making and saving personalization selections, they have developed a relational familiarity with the products. They may even decide to visit the standing models and engage the sales staff. This decision is now based on the  interactive experience and the acquired information, as well as how the new home products weigh against the buyer’s lifestyle and residential needs. The result is highly qualified conversions and fewer lost buyer prospects. Take a tour of the software running live in our Demo and imagine your shoppers engaging with your new home products right on your site.

Download the White Paper

Read our white paper, Using the Web Engagement Cycle to Effectively Market Production New Homes on the Internet to the Greater Web User Population, for a more detailed discussion of the Web Engagement Cycle and its application to new home marketing and purchasing.  Download the PDF



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New Home Marketing

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Effective marketing of production new homes on the web



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